The Importance of Visual Content in Marketing

 Why is Visual Content Important to Your Brand?

Staying competitive on the internet is harder today than it’s ever been, thanks to the vast amount of content on the web. To stay ahead of the game it’s important to frequently create and post visual content on your website, blog, and social media pages that people want to share. It’s easier for people to like and share visual content, and when they do, they are much more likely to engage with your brand. Visuals, such as high-quality images, videos and infographics are shareable content that can help tell your story or explain new products or services.

What Are Good Examples of Visual Content?

catvscatfinalFirst-rate social media strategies often incorporate visuals. Sites like Pinterest and Instagram are thriving on image sharing alone. Facebook posts that include a striking, high-quality photo or image along with a few lines of well written text have proven to be the most effective way for brands to engage with their followers. cites, “in a study of the top 10 brands on Facebook, users liked photos twice as often as text updates. And they shared videos 12 times more than photo and text posts combined.”

Your company’s website and blog are other prime places to focus on adding visuals. Whitepapers with graphic content, photos of employees and accompanying images on blog posts are all great examples of powerful visual marketing techniques. If your company has a YouTube channel, be sure to upload new videos frequently. Ideas for video topics could include instructions on how to use your product, speakers or keynotes from a recent event appearance or interviews with industry leaders, just to name a few.

If you are interested in adding more visuals to your marketing strategy, let’s talk!

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