Road Scholars Website

Everything for the collectible Porsche enthusiast.



Road Scholars is a Raleigh-based automobile restoration shop that specializes in restoring and selling rare and collectible cars.

Since 2008 FatCat Strategies has helped Road Scholars with every part of their marketing – online and off.

In 2014, we helped the company re-design its website. The biggest challenge with this site was finding a way to organize so many different kinds of content in a way that visitors could navigate and our clients could easily update.

The site needed to:

Road Scholars generates more web content than any of our other clients. Creating an user-friendly content admin area that allows the owners to post information about cars for sale, awards won, restoration updates, and events was far from simple.

Some web projects are harder than others. This was one of them. We’re proud of the work we’ve done on it, and we’re happy that the client loves it. The only shame is we can’t show the world the slick admin area we created.


Project:  Website redesign

Client: Road Scholars