Pay-Per-Click Ad Management

Tailored to your needs and budget.

Get those clicks.

Targeting and engaging your online audience is vital in today’s market. Our staff is experienced in the digital marketing techniques that will help you get the leads you want.

We don’t “set it & forget it”

Our PPC management services are very hands-on. Every morning we review our clients’ online ad campaigns, whether it’s AdWords, Facebook, YouTube pre-roll, Instagram, Pandora, or all of the above.

We actively monitor and adjust keywords, display placements, geo-targeting, and bidding to ensure that your ads are getting in front of the right people, at the right time.

We also actively experiment with the forms on your website.  High click-through rates aren’t any good if visitors don’t engage with your site.

And, we work closely with our clients’ sales team to make sure that the leads we generate are actually turning into appointments and sales.

Want to spy on your competition?

Get a free report that shows you:

  • who you’re competing against online
  • how much your competitors spend each month
  • what their ads look like — text and display ads
  • your competition’s most profitable paid keywords

What’s included in our professional PPC management services?

Keyword Discovery & Selection
Ad Text Creation
Display Ad Creation
Landing page design
Call Tracking
PPC Monitoring
PPC Cost Management
Campaign Optimization
Conversion Tracking
Competitive Research
A/B Testing
Landing page optimization

Need help managing your online advertising?