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Here at FatCat Strategies, we’re big fans of email marketing.  It’s an inexpensive and effective way to keep in touch with prospects and customers.

You can position yourself as an expert in your field by sending newsletters filled with industry news and advice, while simultaneously improving the quality of your list with each email you send.

Even though we test every email newsletter we send on behalf of our clients, it can be difficult to troubleshoot every potential issue with all the different email programs that your readers use.

I’ve always known that email newsletters can display differently in various email programs, but until I read this article from Vertical Response (our favorite email marketing vendor) “It’s Not You, It’s Outlook – The Complete Guide for Email Marketers“, I didn’t realize just how much difference there was between Outlook and Gmail.

Put simply, Microsoft Outlook doesn’t make email marketing easy! It’s arguably the most used email program, and it’s the most difficult to design email newsletters for.

For web and email designers – check out the article “It’s Not You, It’s Outlook – The Complete Guide for Email Marketers” on Vertical Response’s blog to get the low-down on how Outlook works, and how to avoid some of the bugs.

For Outlook users – do you notice if email newsletters have weird design problems?  Do you ignore email newsletters that look “broken”?  Does anyone use both Outlook, and an online email client (like Gmail)?  What differences do you notice between the two?  Answer in the comments below, or on Twitter – @FatCatStrategy #outlookissues.

Jessica is our Operations Manager. She covers topics related to project management, consulting and community involvement.

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