What does it mean to improve your writing?

Jessica Berry

Jessica is our Operations Manager. She covers topics related to project management, consulting and community involvement.


This morning, I came across a great article: 3 unusual exercises to improve your writing in 2012.  I am always looking for articles about how to improve my writing, since demand for it always seems to be going up.

As I was reading this article, I realized two pretty big things:

First, that whenever I’m reading tips about “improving my writing”, what I’m really looking for are ways to speed up the writing process.  Because despite the fact that I spent four years of college doing nothing but writing papers (or at least it felt that way), I still feel like I can’t churn out copy fast enough.

But truly improving writing skills are about so many other things besides speed.  So, following the mantra of Chris Brogan: Practice is the Reward, my new goal is to find every opportunity I can to practice writing copy, focusing mainly on improving the content, and knowing that the speed will come as a welcome side-effect.

Second, I realized that I’m pretty lucky that my job, in and of itself, helps me improve my writing.  Two out of the three tips are: “write using a different style” and “write something you’ve never written before.”  The fact that we serve all kinds of different industries has always meant that I’m writing about a new topic and in a different voice than the last.

I’m sure exclusively working and writing for one industry has its benefits (like having a deeper knowledge and understanding of your product/service).  But being able to change and adapt your writing style to fit different needs is a skill I’m grateful to have and be improving on every day.

Photo credit: basheertome