What should I do with my old computer?

Do you have old computers or monitors sitting in storage while you wait to figure out what to do with them? FatCat did.

Like any business, we have to upgrade our hardware every few years. But what to do with the old computers? The machines weren’t completely broken, the older models just couldn’t keep up with our updated software. And we didn’t want to just throw them away…

Luckily, we found the Kramden Institute, which collects, refurbishes and awards computers to students and families without a computer in their home.

Kramden was started by a father and son in 2003. They built a computer together, using second-hand parts they found on eBay. When they finished their project, the son mentioned that he knew other kids in his school that didn’t have home computers. And that sparked the idea to build more refurbished computers that could be donated to students who couldn’t afford them.

They awarded 40 computers in their first year. Their goal for 2017 is to award 4,000.

Since the institute was founded 14 year ago, they have awarded over 27,000 computers to hardworking students who didn’t have access to a computer at home.

Recipients, or Kramden Tech Scholars, are academically motived students from grades 3-12 who have been nominated by principals, teachers, guidance counselors, and school social workers. Tech Scholars not only get a home computer, but they also get ongoing tech support for as long as they are in school.

Kramden relies on the help of volunteers, who have donated countless hours at their RTP warehouse cleaning, refurbishing and testing these computers before they go to students.

Visit to find out more about this incredible institute:

  • Do you have old hardware you’d like to donate?
  • Interested in volunteering your time?
  • Would you like to nominate a student to received a home computer?

Jessica is our Operations Manager. She covers topics related to project management, consulting and community involvement.

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