Make the most of LinkedIn

Keep your Profile up to Date

Make sure your LinkedIn Profile is up-to-date and lists where you’ve worked, for how long, and what you accomplished while you were there. Write in an authentic style that works best for you and represents who you are.

Help other LinkedIn Users Find You

LinkedIn’s People Search works from the keywords in your summary, experience, and specialties sections.  That’s another great reason to keep all those sections up to date.  When editing these sections, be sure to include all the keywords that should be associated with you or your company.

Use LinkedIn to Affect What Google Shows

Own your professional brand and Google search results for your name by customizing your LinkedIn Public Profile URL. Edit the link so it’s your firstnamelastname as one word with no spaces. (If that option is taken, you can put in your lastnamefirstname one word no spaces.) Now you can control what people see when they do a search for your name on search engines. This is important because you control the information in your LinkedIn Profile and can update it as frequently as you want if you change jobs or switch roles within your current company.

Keep up with your clients through Network Status Updates

Once you’re connected to your important clients, partners, and future customers, your LinkedIn Homepage will become a professional dashboard with a wealth of information from your network’s status updates. You’ll get recommendations, insights, and connection updates in real-time.

Use your network to brainstorm business ideas

Use LinkedIn Answers and LinkedIn Polls to brainstorm ideas for new products, services, or campaigns. Pose questions to help inform your marketing strategy.

Pair your LinkedIn and Twitter Accounts

Edit your profile to add your Twitter account. Twitter integration allows you to display Twitter on your LinkedIn Profile, share Twitter messages with your LinkedIn contacts or groups, and more.

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