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I’m willing to bet that you’ve heard the saying, “You only have one chance at a first impression.” But, have you ever thought about it in terms of your website? The homepage is your website’s version of a first impression, and if it leaves a poor one, you could be turning off potential customers.

Is your homepage making a good first impression?

An effective homepage should:

  • Be eye-catching, with complementary colors, information that is easy to read, etc.
  • Clearly convey the services or products you offer
  • Look great on desktop, mobile, and tablet
  • Prominently show your contact information

Why is your homepage so important?

You can be the best service provider in your industry, with the best customer service and prices, but if your homepage isn’t captivating website visitors, none of that matters. If your homepage looks wonky on a mobile device or is too hard to navigate, that may be the deciding factor in whether or not someone decides to look at your interior pages.

Homepage Refresh: Before

Homepage Refresh: After

Benefits of a homepage refresh

We recently gave one of our clients, Rising Sun Pools, a homepage refresh, updating the look of their site’s homepage, but not making changes to the interior pages. It had been a few years since the website had been updated, and they had new drone footage that they wanted to incorporate on the site. We used that footage directly under the navigation bar, to draw people in instantly. Showing the services that they provide in an interactive way is appealing and helps website visitors to picture themselves enjoying a pool of their own. What are some of the other benefits of a homepage refresh?

  • It makes the homepage look more modern. In the case of Rising Sun Pools, we updated the header and logo, and changed a few of the content boxes to look more modern. Since, statistically, most visitors will land on your homepage first, it makes sense to update the look of the homepage before tackling the interior pages.
  • It’s a time-saving and cost effective method of refreshing the website. The new look of the Rising Sun Pools homepage makes the whole site look newer, even though we didn’t update the interior pages. This ties into our philosophy that a website redesign can be done successfully in phases. To further make the whole site feel updated, we made sure that the new look of the header and footer that we designed for the homepage was applied to the rest of the site. This ensures that it’s not a jarring experience to go from the homepage to an interior page and it makes it seem like the interior pages were also updated.
  • It makes a good impression. Humans are conditioned to like shiny, pretty, new things. If your homepage looks outdated, it’s more likely that a user will click away to another site. In fact, studies have found that 38% of users will stop engaging with content that is unattractive. If you’re not ready to overhaul your entire site, a homepage refresh could be just what your site needs.

Learn more about how we work, then let’s talk about your website and how we can help.

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