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It should come as no surprise that having a website for your business is now considered the standard. Not only is it imperative for showcasing your services or products, but it also offers a glimpse at how your company operates and what prospective clients can expect if they decide to do business with you.

One of the best ways to offer this look “inside” your business is through an About Us page. At FatCat Strategies, we believe that it’s important to include personal information in your professional bio. It’s an easy way to show a bit of your personality and can be a chance for prospective clients to recognize common ground and make a personal connection with the people that make up your company.

We recently redesigned and implemented a new About Us page for Crispin, a broadcast automation company, who wanted a page to represent their employees in a way that better reflected their company culture. Their existing About Us page had minimal formatting and was an incredibly long text page, where you could expand each person’s bio to read a few sentences about their professional and personal life. In a separate area on the site, each employee had a longer “employee spotlight” article that we had been developing over time for their monthly email newsletter.

After brainstorming ways to make their About Us page unique for their team, we pitched them a new design, including an animated rollover feature for each staff member, shown below. (You’ll notice that staff members we didn’t have images for were replaced with office plants.)

We suggested adding images of each employee to make the page less text-heavy, linking the photos to the “employee spotlight” articles, to encourage visitors to click to learn more about the people that make up the Crispin team. Then we wrote some fun facts/quotes to show on the rollover animation for each employee and had them edit those as needed. Crispin chose a day to take new staff photos against a brick background so that there would be a cohesive look to the page.

The finished page is reflective of the tone they want to convey to current and prospective clients and gives them a unique way to showcase their team and company culture.

Ashley is our Communications Specialist. She covers topics related to email marketing, SEO, and digital marketing.

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