Web Design  & Development Services

Whether you need a complete overhaul, or just some updates to your existing site, we can help!

Web Design Services

Your website is your most important marketing asset

Often, your site is the first thing a prospect sees. Even if it's a word-of-mouth referral chances are a new prospect will research your company online before they contact you. We can help ensure that your site looks great, loads fast and supports your business goals. 

Content & Design

Maintenance & Monitoring

Custom Feature Development

We know Wordpress

We've been building and supporting Wordpress sites for 10 years. From a simple brochure site with a blog, to custom functions and integrations, we've (almost) seen and done it all. 

We focus on your goals

If lead generation is your primary goal, then that's what we'll focus on. Or, maybe you have a long, technical sales cycle and your site's primary goal is to educate. Either way, everything we do is build aroud your business goals. 

We don't outsource

When you want to change something on your site, you'll talk directly to the people who make it happen. We're not just a sales people repping developers half a world away. Everything we do is in-house.

Custom design

Our team of designers will work with you to create a look that represents your brand and follows any corporate requirements you may have. Or, if you're looking for a whole new look, we can work with you to develop new branding, colors and logos as well.

Mobile friendly

Creating mobile responsive websites has become the standard. With users accessing your website from any number of devices, we put an emphasis on browser testing and optimization for different screen sizes and devices, so your website looks great, no matter what.

Search Optimized 

We build websites using SEO best practices, with a focus on appealing to a human audience. This balance is important, helping to ensure that your website is being properly indexed by search engines, while still providing searchers with applicable, relevant information.

Web maintenance is included in your flat monthly fee.

FatCat Strategies is your one-stop shop for both digital marketing and traditional marketing.  For 15 years, we’ve helped our clients achieve their marketing goals and control costs at the same time. How do we do it?  We structure almost everything we do around a flat predictable monthly fee that’s tailored to the needs of each client.  

As your marketing partner, we customize our services based on your unique business needs and goals. That means if you need our help maintaining your website -- along with email and social media marketing -- then that's what we'll do.  Our maintenance services include content updates, design updates, and security monitoring against malware and hacks.  All for a flat, predictable monthly fee.  

We want to be your marketing partner.

Let us help you get your business online and grow your business.