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Corevist is a technology company that integrates SAP with eCommerce websites for industrial manufacturers

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We’ve helped Corevist with all facets of their marketing since the company formed in 2009. But, until 2014, the company was named b2b2dot0, not Corevist.

After 5+ years in business, and overwhelming success serving their target market, the company decided to change its name. The old name had served its purpose, but was difficult to say, type and spell.

So, in early 2014, b2b2dot0 became Corevist. We helped the company transition by:

  • building a new website
  • creating a new logo
  • rebranding all existing sales support material

Changing your company name is a big deal. And launching Corevist’s new website involved a lot more than just slapping a new name and new logo on the old site.

As part of the name change and site redesign, we reconsidered everything. All the content from the previous site was re-written and re-organized. We condensed, consolidated and simplified the messages. And we shifted our focus to capturing web leads. How did we do that? We offered visitors multiple options to download free educational materials in exchange for their contact information.

We also maintained the company’s old site and new site for several months, with messages on both about the name change. Why did we do that? We wanted to give visitors plenty of time to learn the new name and find the new site.

With the first few months, we watched traffic grow on the new site. And within 4 months, traffic on the new site surpassed traffic to the old site. Within the first 5 months, the new site captured almost twice the number of web leads as the old site.

We hope this trend continues….and time will tell!


Project:  Website redesign & rebranding

Client:  Corevist