Great people behind great work.

For 15 years, FatCat Strategies has been refining our services and business model to cater to mid-sized, established businesses and non-profits in North Carolina.

We recognize that our clients have multi-faceted marketing, production and support needs. But, finding that "one perfect staff person" who has all the skills and experience required to fulfill those needs is extremely difficult. That's where FatCat comes in. Our team has a wide array of skills, so no matter your marketing need, we have someone in-house who can help.

We're a flexible, personable team, and we develop creative and cost-effective solutions for our clients, often under tight deadlines (and sometimes without much direction), all for a predictable monthly fee.

Founder & Managing Partner
Partner & Operations Manager
Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer
Communications Specialist
Digital Marketing Strategist
Graphic Designer
Web Developer