We are very proud of the services we've provided and the friendships we've made.  Because we tend to work with clients for years, instead of months, we really get to know the owners and staff.  It's so fun to be a part of their growth and success. 

"Often, by the time our projects reach the design phase, the original authors have moved on to new projects or graduated if they were students. I have been impressed by FatCat’s ability to coordinate with these busy people, and consistently produce an amazing finished product."
Liz Driscoll
Dept of Crop Science, Entomology, Horticulture & Soil Science NCSU
"Whenever we start a new project with FatCat, they make sure that they have a solid understanding of how the project not only fits in to our marketing strategy, but to our overall business strategy. FatCat is a very important extension of our team, and we trust them to help us get the most out of our marketing dollars."
Heather Gudac
Partner & Operations Manager, Financial Symmetry
"During the 5 years we worked together, FatCat helped triple my business and find our voice as a company. Then, when it came time for us to hire a marketing director in-house, they made the transition incredibly easy. A great experience from beginning to end."
Barry Dyer
Owner & President, Brytons Bath
"I love that FatCat can be collaborative with us when we have ideas, but can also work independently when we’re busy. I can always be confident that our marketing goals are being achieved, even when I don’t have time to check in."
Sara DeVaney
Director of Strategic Development, Crispin Corp
"Editorial meetings with FatCat have made a huge difference in our communications planning. We always keep ourselves at least two months ahead of our publication deadlines, but I still know that we can make a quick change if we have to. FatCat’s combination of planning and flexibility makes for smooth execution of our publications. Plus, all of our stuff looks fabulous!"
Susan Cashion
VP, Chief Compliance & Administration Officer, Piedmont Electric Membership Cooperative
"For the first time in the history of the company, we have hit the top 10 in our dealer network, we have one solid digital marketing vendor and our overall marketing ROI is at an all-time high. I feel so blessed."
Greg Herling
Founder & President, Herl's Bath & Tile Solutions
“FatCat Strategies was instrumental in helping us with the social media and marketing logistics for the grand opening of our new facility in Durham, North Carolina. Their staff took the time to understand the nature of our industry and consistently deliver compelling marketing materials for our niche business."
Cam Ingram
Co-Owner, Road Scholars