Tips for Creating Effective Promotional Materials

Janet Mobley
Founder and Managing Partner

Creating effective promotional pieces takes creativity, practice and a little know-how. Put your marketing materials to work for you by following a few simple rules.

  1. Create an idea library
    • When you see promotional materials that catch your eye, save them for reference.
    • Figure out why you prefer some pieces to others and repeat these positive characteristics in your materials.
  2. Use design elements consistently
    • Your readers should be able to identify where the piece is from, even if your company name is not on it.
    • Stick to a few consistent design elements—logo, typefaces, graphics and colors—on all your materials.
  3. Focus on the reader
    • Put yourself in their position and ask “Why should I care?”
    • Give readers practical information they can use.
  4. Use white space effectively
    • White space is the empty space in your promotional piece. It is your friend.
    • Too much information — jammed into every available space — will confuse and overwhelm your readers.
  5. With Design… less is often more
    • If your materials are too busy, your readers will struggle to find your message.
    • A simple, clean, organized layout makes your materials look professional and have more impact.
  6. Give people a reason to respond
    • Coupons, special offers, promotional pricing… experiment with different offers to see what your target market responds to.

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