There’s No Need To Go All-In On Your Website Redesign

Websites are expensive. Even a simple brochure website with a contact form and 15–20 pages will start around $8,000-$10,000, and that price only goes up as businesses add features and complexity. It’s easy to see why many businesses choose to delay the expense and time needed to successfully complete these projects. But, leaving a broken or out-of-date website live can be more harmful to lead generation than no website at all. FatCat Strategies understands that small to medium sized business need to develop websites that hit all of their business goals, while having a low impact on cash flows. That’s why we offer a system to develop new websites over time, focusing on the biggest issues first and making iterative updates over time.

“A” Phase: The Homepage of Your Dreams (Plus a Simple Renovation)

Often, simple changes can make a big impact on the overall look and feel of your site. In our experience, making changes to the homepage, header and footer of your website can make an old site feel brand new. Plus, with FatCat’s system to websites over time, this first step also converts your site to a stable WordPress template that is easy to update and maintain. This phase of the project is usually the most expensive single phase of your website update, ranging anywhere from $4,000 — $9,000 depending on the complexity of your site. But it lays a foundation that will allow you to take on the rest of your website with ease.

While much of the work performed during this phase takes place behind the scenes, this stage of development will result in two major visual changes to your site:

  • Updates to your homepage
  • Updates to the header and footer of your website

Updating Your Homepage

Your homepage is one of the primary landing pages for your site and has the potential to spur potential customers to learn more, or send them back to Google searching for your competitors. That’s why many of our clients choose to begin their web redesign with the homepage. Our team of graphic designers works with you to create a visually striking homepage, that still shares design themes with the interior pages of your site (so that users aren’t confused when they visit other pages).

Our homepage designs are customized to your business needs, and typically focus on:

  • Directing users to the most important sections of the site
  • Providing easy access to the latest news from your organization
  • Generating leads

Updating the Header and Footer

One of the fastest ways to give your entire site a fresh new look is to update the header and footer. Design-wise, the header and footer of your website set much of the visual tone for the website, serving as a kind of “frame” for the content on each page. Most interior pages of websites are fairly generic, featuring basic elements like sidebars, content, images and links that may not have the full look and functionality you desire but are serviceable until you are ready to take on those updates.

“B” Phases — Updating Interior Pages

Once your website has been converted to a manageable template, it becomes simple for an agency like FatCat to make updates to any of the pages of your website. In the secondary phases of your website redesign, we tackle page layouts for your individual services, news archives, about us page and more. Depending on your budget restrictions we can update all interior pages at once, or move section by section. As with all website projects, the cost of development differs based on the complexity of each page, and how many sections you need to tackle at once. However, B Phase projects often cost between $1,800 — $3,500.

“C” Phases — Custom Features

The internet is always changing, and today’s users expect more from the websites they visit than ever before. After your business has developed the basics of your site, we can help you develop any custom features you need, such as:

Each of these projects is uniquely developed to match your business’ marketing needs and to fit into your budget.

Michael is our Business Development Coordinator. He covers topics related to mid-sized business marketing, with a focus on making national trends work for your business.

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