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Author Archives: Patrick Scott

Neighborhood Geotarget Campaign

Geo-targeted Campaign Produced Leads with 91% Appointment Set Rate for Siding Contractor

Learn how we combined Facebook ads, Google ads, email marketing and direct mail postcards to generate siding leads in specific neighborhoods for a…
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The Digital Marketing Tools we Use to Support Our Home Improvement Clients

Digital marketing agencies and remodeling contractors don’t have all that much in common (unless you partner with one, of course). One focuses on…
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Nurturing Leads with Custom Audience PPC Targeting

Using PPC Custom Audiences to Effectively Retarget Home Improvement Leads At FatCat, we LOVE PPC advertising. It’s one of the best ways a contractor can generate "exclusive" leads. We’ve recently shared some…
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ppc targeting device & time of day

Increase Your Lead Generation With Device & Time-of-Day PPC Targeting In order to sell a service, such as siding installation or kitchen remodeling, you need to make sure you’re marketing to the…
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