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Category Archives: Paid Ads

Nurturing Leads with Custom Audience PPC Targeting

Using PPC Custom Audiences to Effectively Retarget Home Improvement Leads At FatCat, we LOVE PPC advertising. It’s one of the best ways a contractor can generate "exclusive" leads. We’ve recently shared some…
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ppc targeting device & time of day

Increase Your Lead Generation With Device & Time-of-Day PPC Targeting In order to sell a service, such as siding installation or kitchen remodeling, you need to make sure you’re marketing to the…
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PPC Demographic Targeting FatCat

PPC Demographic Targeting Helps Get the Right Customers to Your Site Demographic targeting is a feature that all home improvement and remodeling contractors should be taking advantage of. If you’re not already, it’s…
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PPC Ad Location Targeting

How PPC Location Targeting Can Make (or Break) Your Marketing Efforts Welcome back to another edition of our FatCat Tip of the Week! Over the next four weeks, we’ll be releasing a series…
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Owning your Google My Business and Google Ads

Does Your Remodeling Company Own its Google My Business & Google Ads Accounts? Welcome back to the third entry in our “Who Owns It?” series. So far we’ve covered domains, web hosting, and social media.…
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What to look for in a PPC vendor

11 Questions for Home Improvement Companies to Ask a PPC Agency

Picture this: You are an established home improvement company that has been working with a marketing agency to help manage your website, pay-per-click…
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Google Ads Latest Features

Google Ads: The Latest Updates You Need to Know

Have you ever used a Google tool and felt like it had completely changed from the last time you used it? It’s not…
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The Basics of Google Ads: What You Need to Know

Think about the last time you searched for something on Google. It was probably no more than an hour ago. Maybe it’s even…
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