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30 Day Paid Social Media Campaign Produced Bathroom Remodel Leads That Generated Over $43,000

Highlights Two leads from Instagram sold for $8,119 and $14,882, respectivelyOne Facebook lead sold for over $20,000Total ad spend on paid social campaign…
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How We Used Paid Facebook Ads to Help a House Flipper Find New Homes to Buy

Highlights In just four months, our online campaign generated 51 web leadsdefined as homeowners in specific areas willing to entertain a purchase offerIn…
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The Digital Marketing Tools we Use to Support Our Home Improvement Clients

Digital marketing agencies and remodeling contractors don’t have all that much in common (unless you partner with one, of course). One focuses on…
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Google Analytics Traffic & Leads

Use Google Analytics to Find Which Channels Produce the Most Remodeling Leads Replacement contractors and home remodeling companies live and die by a steady lead flow. If you’re like many contractors, you probably sort…
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Marketing Scare Tactics

Do You Own a Home Improvement Company and Just Received a Scary Email? Let’s set the scene. You’re a growing replacement contractor who just had one of your best years ever. You decide that it’s…
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Owning your Google My Business and Google Ads

Does Your Remodeling Company Own its Google My Business & Google Ads Accounts? Welcome back to the third entry in our “Who Owns It?” series. So far we’ve covered domains, web hosting, and social media.…
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instagram for home improvement leads

Who owns your social media accounts? (it should be you!)   We're back with the second video in our "Who Owns It?" series. This time we're talking about social media and whether…
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smart phone video

How Home Improvement Companies Can Take Professional-Looking Videos

We all know that online, video is king. Your audience not only loves it, they've grown to expect it. According to Forbes, "90%…
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Social media ownership

Do You Actually Own Your Remodeling Company’s Social Media Accounts? For home improvement and remodeling contractors, social media marketing can be a very effective tool. It allows you to add personality behind…
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Using Google Trends to Research What Home Improvement Prospects Search

This article shows you how to use Google Trends – a free online tool – to better understand prospects search for home improvement…
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