How We Used Paid Facebook Ads to Help a House Flipper Find New Homes to Buy


  • In just four months, our online campaign generated 51 web leads
    • defined as homeowners in specific areas willing to entertain a purchase offer
  • In the six months prior to working with us, our client’s website only generated 4 web leads.

The Challenge

Our client is a real estate investor who flips homes, which means his lead generation efforts are not scalable and often very time-consuming. Before working with FatCat Strategies, our client had to hunt down every lead, which meant the flow of potential properties to purchase was extremely unpredictable.

What We Did

  • Used a variety of ad types to target specific demographics in a geo-targeted location
  • A/B tested animated video ads against other types of video ads
  • Used Facebook Ad messenger to deliver personal messages to the inbox of specific demographics

The Result

Using Paid Facebook Leads to generate Leads for a House Flipper

Our client: A house flipper looking for homes to buy

Our client is an experienced real estate investor who flips distressed residential properties.  

His main challenge was identifying homeowners in specific neighborhoods who were ready to sell their homes “as is.”  And he needed to find those homeowners before they listed their homes on the MLS.   

Prior to working with FatCat, our client used direct mail and a lot of legwork to find properties.  But that process was time-consuming and not scalable. He came to us because he wanted a more efficient and predictable way to identify distressed homes and potential sellers.

Our strategy: Target specific life events and locations through Facebook Ads

Instead of using Google or Bing ads, we focused the client’s ad budget on Facebook Advertising. This allowed us to push ads to specific demographics and interest areas in specific zip codes. We used emotionally-driven advertising to target people experiencing life situations that might lead them to sell their homes “as is”, including military transfer, divorce, absentee landlords, inherited properties, and financial distress. 

Four months in, our campaign now generates 3-4 new leads per week.  

Due to our success, our client now plans to flip houses as a full-time job.

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