Increase Your Lead Generation With Device & Time-of-Day PPC Targeting

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In order to sell a service, such as siding installation or kitchen remodeling, you need to make sure you’re marketing to the right type of person. That’s why PPC ad targeting is so effective, and why we’ve dedicated time and resources into making videos and posts to educate you about them.

Previously, we’ve stressed the importance of PPC geo-targeting while also explaining how targeting specific demographics that better match your target customer can significantly increase your lead generation efforts. But for this week, we’ll go even a step further and show you how targeting by device and time-of-day ad scheduling can truly maximize your efforts. 

Why Should I Target by Device?

There are so many reasons why someone may choose to target their ads to users with a particular device, but for the sake of keeping this on brand, let’s use a common home improvement example. 

It’s an unfortunate truth, but a lot of remodeling contractor websites look dated, to say the least.  And many of them look downright awful on mobile, which is practically a sin in our mobile-first world. If you’re a contractor who’s website falls into this category, it doesn’t make sense to send paid mobile traffic to your website. It’s likely that you’ll waste your money and turn-off a potential customer, whereas if they came to your website on their computer, they may have converted. 

On the flip side, if your website has a great mobile experience, target those devices! The majority of people in the United States access the internet from a tablet or phone, so it makes sense to target those users. While these examples are very cut and dry, they help explain how device targeting can be super beneficial. 

How Time-of-Day Ad Scheduling Can Impact Lead Generation

Your initial thoughts may be “I want to run my ads at all times! The more awareness the better!” While we understand the thought process, it doesn’t always make the most sense. For us, we’ve produced better results for our home improvement by limiting when client ads show. Typically, we won’t run ads past midnight or before 4 am.

Why is this? Well, let’s think about the target customer. 

For example, a siding contractor’s ideal customer is likely to be someone at least 40 years old, who works full-time, and is likely married with children. What are the chances that they’re up past midnight, let alone surfing the web for new siding? Not very high. The reality is most people shopping at 2 am have probably consumed a beverage (or 6) and are likely looking for something like this, not new siding. 

Combining Different Targeting Efforts

As the saying goes; strong alone, unstoppable together. Corny quotes aside, pairing different PPC targeting efforts together can wield tremendous results. An easy winning combination for home improvement contractors is to pair geo-targeting with time-of-day ad scheduling. But it can be so much more than that. 

Let’s say you’ve rented a booth at an upcoming county fair for the weekend. If you use the fair’s address for your geo-targeting, you can set a radius around that. Then, schedule ads promoting your booth to run during the fair’s hours and only Target mobile devices. Right there you’ve combined three different targeting tactics which will likely result in higher foot traffic at the event and more leads for you. 

Unsure if your ads are set up correctly? We can help.

It’s important to note that what works for us and our clients may not always work for you. When it comes to online paid advertising (and marketing in general), you need to test, test, and then test again. 

If you’re not sure where to start, or the whole idea of running your paid advertising on top of already running a business seems daunting, schedule a free consultation with us. 

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