How to generate more bath leads for less money with Facebook Ads.


A Long Island bathroom contractor watched their Facebook campaigns nosedive after a recent Apple iOS privacy update. They came to us for help.

See how FatCat turned things around.

Bathroom Buddy Remodeling is a Long Island-based bathroom renovation company that specializes in tub and shower replacements, full-scale remodeling, and aging-in-place services.

For the last few years, Bathroom Buddy Remodeling had great success with Facebook Ads.  But, then in November 2021,  Apple released an iOS update with new privacy settings and the company’s Facebook campaigns took a serious  downturn. 

Before the Apple update, Bathroom Buddy’s cost-per-lead on Facebook was $90 and lead volume was good.  After the Apple iOS update, Facebook lead volume dropped dramatically, and the CPL jumped to $311

Bathroom Buddy wanted to stick with Facebook as a lead source, but needed to figure out how to turn campaign ROI around.  

After 3 months of high costs and poor results, Bathroom Buddy was ready to abandon Facebook Ads.  That’s when they asked FatCat for help.

FatCat was already managing the company’s SEO efforts, Google Ads and website.  But, all their Facebook campaigns had been managed in-house. 

So, it was easy for us to step in and take over Facebook since we were already familiar with the company, the service areas and their business goals. 

Our team of pay-per-click experts reviewed the campaign settings and made several adjustments.  Here’s what we did:

  • switched to ad types to “Instand Form Ads”
  • adjusted audience targeting. 


Instead of focusing on small, targeted audiences, we focused on broader audience sizes of 500k or more. To do this, we used lookalike audiences of their previous customer list, as well as advanced targeting metrics based on location and interests. 

After our adjustments, Facebook campaign results improved almost immediately. 

In July 2022 (our new tactics had been in place for a month) the company received 221 Facebook leads at an average CPL of $45

“We were losing a lot of sleep over the leads we lost in Facebook. We’re grateful to the work FatCat did to help recover this important lead source for us.” – John Keyles, Co-Owner of Bathroom Buddy Remodeling

Capture More Leads for Less Money

If you aren’t getting the results you need from your pay-per-click campaigns or you don’t know how to get started with Facebook or Google Ads, schedule a strategy call with FatCat today. they 

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