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There’s nothing better in the hot summer months than taking a dip into the refreshing waters of a pool. A local pool builder, Rising Sun Pools, wanted to bring that summer excitement to their prospective pool buyers year-round, by giving them more online tools and resources for planning their backyard oasis. They also wanted to make sure that their customers understood their unique value proposition of timely installation and high-quality parts. Rising Sun Pools’ supplier had a digital pool builder that allowed users to choose images of different pools and create their own “idea book.” The pool company liked this digital approach but wanted to put their own spin on it.

The FatCat development team came up with a list of key features for the project, including:

  • Ability to choose size, shape and color of various pool features
  • Ability to add a variety of accessories to the pool area
  • Pricing associated with the pool shapes
  • Attractive email sent to users after submission, detailing the Rising Sun Pools difference and the estimated base cost for the pool they built through the app
  • Mechanism for capturing data about the user (name, email address, etc.)
  • Exist within the current website, not as a separate app

The Rising Sun Pools Build Your Own Pool online application launched in beta with a plethora of features. After watching a short introduction video and inputting some basic contact information, users are able to select the type, size and shape of their pool.


They are then able to modify various aspects of the pool, such as water color, coping style (a thin layer of material that runs around the outline of the pool) and deck materials.


Users are also able to add a variety of pool features, such as hot tubs, outdoor kitchens, pool houses, deck chairs, umbrellas and more to the pool area.


When the user submits their pool design, they are sent an email with a screenshot of their design, a base price and some information about Rising Sun Pools’ standards. Rising Sun Pools is also provided with the screenshot, basic information about the user’s selections and the system’s quoted price.


Beyond the basic features of the pool builder is the powerful analytics behind the system that allow us and our client to track usage of the pool builder and monitor for errors. Using some features of Google Analytics, we are able to track which elements are the most popular. The application also completes a series of steps when the user submits, to ensure quality screenshots and that both Rising Sun Pools and the user get notifications. From our analytics software, we can track the instances of these processes and tell if a process is failing to execute.

We were excited to help Rising Sun Pools give their prospective customers a fun way to visualize their new pool in an exciting phase of the buying process, a new way to educate their prospects and bring new business through another avenue.

And, if you’re wondering, the best time to build a pool is in the winter time, so it’s ready by the time spring rolls around.

Michael is our Business Development Coordinator. He covers topics related to mid-sized business marketing, with a focus on making national trends work for your business.

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