Agile Website Development

How we helped The Financial Risk Group move their website to a more manageable platform and complete a design overhaul without the disruption of a typical web redesign project.

FatCat - Agile Web Development - mobile responsive - iPad
The new design features a modern layout with subtle transitions as you scroll.       


  • Migrated the company away from three separate, disconnected web systems, onto one easy-to-use content management platform 
  • Updated the site to be mobile friendly
  • Organized the redesign effort into independent phases that were rolled out incrementally  
  • Completed the project within the client's budget and schedule


"The FatCat team has been great. We love the new design, and the process was easy. The phased roll-out of this redesign was a great fit for the needs of our business." 

Megan Jones
Financial Risk Group

FatCat - Agile Website Development - iPad and mobile
FatCat - Agile Website Development - laptop
FatCat - Agile Website Development - Mobile and laptop


The Financial Risk Group (FRG) is a risk management services firm located in Cary, NC. When the company contacted FatCat about a website redesign, there were several motivating factors but one big hesitation. The company didn't want the cost and disruption of a huge redesign project that had to be completed and launched all at once.

The company's previous site was starting to look dated and it wasn't mobile friendly. The site also had multiple sections that were managed by totally separate systems. So, in order to update content, administrators had to log in to different software, depending on the section that needed editing. From a visitor's perspective, it looked cohesive enough. But, from a content administrator's perspective, managing it was a nightmare.

FRG didn't want to go through the painful, lengthy and expensive process of a full website redesign. The staff was too busy to focus the necessary attention on a project of that scale. But they still needed help and they needed it quickly. So, they asked us for ideas.


We created a plan that focused on critical functionality first. Design changes would be rolled out incrementally, according to FRG's availability.  

Phase 1 was all about functionality. We rebuilt the site on the WordPress content management platform. For the first time, FRG's informational pages, blog posts and job postings could all be managed from one, easy-to-use interface!

In Phase 2, we began to address design changes. We broke this phase down into several smaller chunks, addressing only one section at a time. This allowed the client to move at their own pace, reduced the number of decisions they needed to make at any one time and spread the costs out over time.


  • Completely redesigned site
  • Easy-to-use content management system
  • Flexible project & billing schedule that fit FRG's needs
  • Mobile friendly, responsive design

FRG continues to be a FatCat client and comes back with web update requests on an as-needed basis.

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