Home Improvement Digital Marketing

Turn your website into a lead gen and nurture machine

Today, digital marketing encompasses so much more than your website. It's about your entire lead generation and sales cycle.  How do prospects find you online? And what do they see when they get there?

If your website is totally focused on "buy now" or "request a quote", you might be hurting your long-term goal of consistent, qualified web traffic that feeds the top -- and bottom -- of your sales funnel.  We can help you create a home improvement digital marketing program that converts visitors today, and feeds your sales funnel next month, next quarter and next year. 

Our Digital Marketing Process

Research & Background

We start with your company, your market and your current customers. We want to hear from your sales people, owners and managers. Who are your current customers? Who are your best customers? And who are your worst?

Then we use that information to build personas of your ideal buyers.


We review your past track record. What kind of web traffic do you get now? Are you sending emails? On social media? What's your most popular, and least popular content.  

We also look at your competition. How do you measure up to your competitors when it comes to internet marketing presence?

Strategy & Planning

Everything we do is built around a planning calendar and key data points. It's what keeps everyone -- our team and yours -- on the same page.

This calendar and the measurement metrics are unique to your business, your prospects and your business goals. It's a dynamic living plan that we will review with you at least once a month.

Systems & Setup

Once we complete your audit and strategic planning, then we start mapping out your systems and the flow of data. For instance, who should get new web lead notifications? How will they be logged and flagged in your CRM? What's the follow up process? 

Review, Test & Repeat

Once campaigns are launched, we're constantly reviewing and testing for what worked and what didn't. 

This review, test and repeat process is totally focused on improving your results.

Let's get started!