Home Improvement Contractors:

Supercharge your lead gen with a sweepstakes giveaway.

We take care of all the details.  You rack up the sales.

Our turnkey sweepstakes package is a proven revenue generator.  

If you sell replacement products to homeowners -- like siding, gutters, windows, doors, awnings or baths -- chances are you already invest heavily in field marketing.  And you've probably promoted giveaways at home shows and festivals.  

But what if you could also bring in thousands of sweepstakes leads directly on your website? You can and we're here to help!

Read more to see how our sweepstakes package delivered a 15x return on investment for one mid-Atlantic bathroom contractor. 

Real results from a recent home improvement sweepstakes


1,196 qualified web leads



$3,600 total advertising spend

*These results are based on two separate six-month sweepstakes campaigns we ran for one of our clients.

What will we do for your home improvement sweepstakes?

Create a landing page

We'll create a custom sweepstakes landing page with:

  • •  your company branding
  • •  your giveaway offer
  • •  a lead gen form
  • •  a countdown ticker
  • •  relevant industry logos
  • •  a link to rules & regulations

Connect it to your CRM & call center

We'll automatically log all of your sweepstakes entries into your CRM and assign them to the appropriate call center queues.


We support MarketSharp, ImproveIT360 and LeadPerfection.

Write your call center scripts

We will create customized scripts that your call center can use for outbound follow-up calls to all contest entries. 


Depending on the CRM you use, and how it's set up, we can also configure your calling queues and workflows for sweepstakes entries. 


We have a proven track record of successful scripts that help replacement contractors like you turn sweepstakes leads into in-home sales appointments.

Promote it to a custom, geo-targeted audience

We'll create customized, paid ad campaigns that geo-target homeowners in your service areas. And, we'll do it for an ad spend that you can afford!


Once the campaigns are launched, we will monitor results and make adjustments as needed throughout the length of your sweepstakes.

Promote it through email 

We'll create 3-5 custom, follow-up email campaigns targeted to your new sweepstakes leads. These emails can be set up in your existing email marketing platform (MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.) and configured to automatically send at pre-determined intervals.  


Our experience shows that consistent nurturing of sweepstakes leads can generate appointments and sales long after the contest is over. 


Report on results

We love data and we bet you do too. We know you'll be tracking appointments set, appointments kept and percent sold in your CRM. We can complement that info with geographic, demographic and ad-responsive data that you can use to make your future marketing efforts even more successful! 

Contact us today & receive a Free Sweepstakes Landing Page with your online lead generation package.


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