Solve your company’s hiring woes using Facebook Ads

Janet Mobley

Janet Mobley


To meet the needs of the remodeling surge brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, a bathroom remodeling client struggled to find qualified job applicants.

Learn how FatCat helped them thrive.

A Northern Alabama bathroom remodeling client had an open position to fill for a call center agent. They needed to hire someone quickly to meet the increased demand for bathroom remodeling services during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The company was having trouble finding applicants and spending too much time and money on the hiring process, with no success. 

Having trusted FatCat with ad campaigns for bathroom leads in the past, the company asked us to manage a lead generation hiring campaign targeting local talent.

Our team of pay-per-click experts quickly made an organic Facebook Ads campaign containing a contact information form. The company didn’t have a large budget available for the campaign. So, we set a small daily budget, optimized to reach the right people.

Beyond that, we opted for premier placement on Facebook to ensure the most exposure for the hiring ad.

Almost immediately, the bathroom remodeler noticed an influx of qualified applicants. In only three weeks, they interviewed and hired one of the applicants that applied through the Facebook Ads. 

Throughout the length of the campaign, the cost per unique job applicant was $5.46 and the ads reached 2,103 people. This was a significantly larger candidate pool than the company was previously able to reach. 

Our efforts allowed our bathroom remodeling client to grow their business in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and bring on a talented new team member in the process. 

“Finding the right people for our team is key to our success. We’re thankful for the work FatCat did to make the hiring process easier for us so we can continue to meet our customers’ needs and thrive as a company.” – Owner, Northern Alabama bathroom remodeling company

Get More Of The Leads You Need

Whether you need help running a traditional lead generation campaign or you’re looking for specific leads like job applicants, our pay-per-click experts can help you reach the right people. Schedule a strategy call with FatCat today. 

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