For more than 20 years, Janet has worked with the owners and general managers of businesses all over the Triangle.

Janet started her career when she joined an IBM product marketing department just after college in the early 1990s. After IBM, she worked for other high-tech companies in Research Triangle Park, including the Semiconductor Research Corporation. In the late 90s, she also worked as a newspaper editor for two different North Carolina newspapers.

She started FatCat Strategies in 2002 when she saw the need for a marketing firm that could become a long-term partner for small and medium-sized businesses. A firm that could act as an extension of their company, work on several initiatives at a time, and help to evolve their marketing to adapt to their current business needs. That’s when she developed FatCat’s “virtual marketing department” service, and 15+ years later we’ve helped dozens of local businesses grow and flourish with the help of our proactive partner approach.

She and her husband love to spend time outside whether it’s on a bike, at the lake, in a kayak, or on a hiking trail. They also love to travel and have recently set a goal to try and visit all of the US National Parks. So far, Janet’s collected about 32 stamps in her super-nerdy National Parks Passport book. Notable stamps include Yellowstone and Acadia National Parks.

Janet is a graduate of NC State University. She grew up in Charlotte, NC and moved to Raleigh in 1990.