Use remarketing to generate quality home improvement leads

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Janet Mobley

You’ve certainly experienced this before: you’re surfing the internet for a new set of tools. You find the perfect one, but you’re not ready to buy just yet. Even though you didn’t give the website any of your personal information, suddenly you start to see ads for the toolset all over the internet – on ESPN when you check your favorite team’s scores, on Facebook when you’re connecting with your friends and even on news sites like CNN or your local newspaper. This process of targeting a visitor that has already been to your website is called remarketing, and it’s easier to achieve than you may think.

So, how does remarketing work? Basically, every website you visit places a small bit of code, called a “cookie” into your browser. This small piece of code simply gives your computer a unique ID, allowing analytics software to understand that you have visited a website before. Online advertising platforms use these cookies to understand what websites you like to visit and provide ads that you may be interested in. Therefore, if you’ve been shopping for tools on your laptop, you’ll get more ads for tools.

Remarketing can be a powerful tool. The old adage for marketing is that it takes an average of six touches – or six interactions with your company’s marketing materials – before a customer will buy your product or service. Remarketing gives your business many touches across the web, increasing your business’ visibility for customers who are already interested in your product!

While this process may sound technologically complex, online advertisers have made it easier than ever to create and manage remarketing ads. Companies like Google AdWords, Facebook advertising and even local news outlets have made it easy to launch remarketing campaigns of your own. You simply place a small bit of code on your website, and their software does the rest.

One of the best ways to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your online advertising budget is to work with a professional, who can guide you through the specifics of managing online ads and help you create ads that are effective for your home improvement business.

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