What if you could get an entire marketing department for less than one new hire?


FatCat Strategies is a full-service marketing firm located in Raleigh, North Carolina. We can provide your business with an entire team of creative professionals to help you develop and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy for less than you would pay one full time marketing person. Our staff includes project managers, designers, writers, and web developers.

We’re like an extension of your staff – located in another building. We get to know your company, staff, and goals, and work in tandem with you to achieve them.

We provide a full range of design and marketing services – including web, print and logo design, internet marketing and website development. We can help you monitor your web stats, maintain your website, manage advertising campaigns, research PR opportunities, and much more.

Month after month, we’ve got you covered.

For almost 15 years, FatCat Strategies has delivered consistent, comprehensive, and affordable marketing support services to our clients for a predictable monthly fee.

We recognize that our clients have multi-faceted marketing, production and support needs. But, finding that ‘one perfect staff person’ who has all the skills and experience required to fulfill those needs is extremely difficult.

That’s where we can help.

Interested? Get in touch.