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Running a Home Improvement Business is Stressful. You Worry About Generating Enough Leads, Because ...

The good news: you don't need to be a marketing guru. You just need us.


We Take the Stress Out of Generating Leads

Custom Digital Marketing Plan

Tell us your goals and dreams. We'll create a way to make them happen.

Exclusive Lead Generation

The leads we generate for you are YOUR leads. We're not selling them to other contractors.

Transparent Pricing & Reporting

No surprises. No catches. Everything is up front and honest.




Your website is the key to your marketing success. We’ve tested what works (and what doesn’t) on home improvement websites so we can design a site that will get the results you need. 

Your website will include optimized content, high-quality images, convenient calls-to-action, forms designed for conversion, and a mobile-friendly design to become a lead-generating machine.

Generating pay per click leads starts with getting more eyes on your brand. To do this, we set up highly-targeted Google Ads in your service area. 

FatCat helps you get the most bang for your pay-per-click buck because we’re already experts in your target market. We don’t have to spend time learning how to make compelling ads for your prospects because we do it every day. The result is a better ROI on your campaigns.

While word-of-mouth referrals are an important part of your business, you also need to find customers through your website. But how do you stand out among your competitors? You need a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. 

Our team implements a content strategy that makes it easier for search engines like Google to rank and display your website to potential customers. SEO is the difference between someone doing a search for your services and clicking your site instead of a competitor’s.

Social media can help you engage with prospects in new ways. FatCat helps you leverage the best platforms for your business, connecting you with a wider audience. 

We develop both organic and paid social media campaigns designed to increase engagement and brand awareness within your target market.

Email marketing campaigns are efficient and cost-effective if you know how to do them right. We specialize in helping you reach prospects right in their inboxes, writing catchy subject lines that lead to higher open rates. 

Whether you want to send the occasional sales email or implement a drip email campaign to reach leads that haven’t yet sold, FatCat will help you connect with more people through email marketing.

Marketing for Contractors

FatCat works with home improvement contractors just like you who are eager to take your business to the next level. We know you need a steady stream of leads, but relying on word of mouth is unpredictable and the pay-per-lead treadmill stops working as soon as you stop paying.

You don’t have to be a marketing expert to create your own source of exclusive leads. We take the pressure off by listening to your needs and creating your customized digital marketing game plan, so you can crush your lead goals. If you’re ready to win the lead gen game and grow your business, all you need to do is schedule a strategy call with FatCat today.


Schedule A Call

We'll go over your current strategies, revenue and lead goals, and dreams for your business. And we'll use that to create a plan for your success.


Review The Gameplan

We'll walk you through what we think are the best services to help you win. And we'll give you an itemized pricing plan, so you can choose the services you want.


Join The Team

If you like what you hear, we'll finalize the details with you. And our team will get to work right away to take your business to the next level!

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