4 Signs Your Old Website is Hurting Your Contractor Lead Gen Efforts

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You may think your website is in good shape. But if your website if more than two or three years old, it could be hurting your contractor marketing efforts.

Consumer viewing habits, technical demands, and the Google algorithms that control how your website is ranked by search engines can change from month to month. That said, your website requires regular attention to ensure it’s easy to navigate.

4 Signs It’s Time To Update Your Home Improvement Website

Although it’s common for older websites to negatively impact marketing efforts, new websites for contractors can be just as problematic if they’re not routinely updated. Here are some of the most common signs your website is impacting your contractor marketing efforts and could use some serious updating:

  1. Your website loads too slowly. This is a common problem of both old and new websites for contractors. Approximately 40% of online users will leave a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load. That means if your website takes more than three seconds to load over a decent broadband connection, you could be losing more customers than you’re gaining. Fortunately, this often means you only need a few good edits to your website rather than a total redesign.
  2. Your website doesn’t have a Content Management System (CMS). CMS is a valuable marketing tool because it makes it easier to control your website’s content without any programming skills. With CMS, you can easily edit your website’s pages, write content, and provide different employees with different permission levels.
  3. Your analytics are giving you red flags. There’s a reason why analytics are used to create action items. If the analytics on your website is giving you red flags such as a high bounce rate, then it may be time to take action and give your website some much-needed improvement.
  4. Your website looks old-fashioned or too new. Consumers might not trust your skills if your website looks old-fashioned or, worse, like it was recently updated but you haven’t taken the time to finish it.

Ready to Remodel Your Contractor Business’ Online Image?

Where can I find contractor marketing services to help with web design?

The contractor marketing services of FatCat Strategies can help you get your website back on the map. To learn more about our web development services and digital marketing for contractors like you, contact FatCat Strategies today.

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