Build Your Home Improvement Email List: 7 Places To Add A Sign-Up Form

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It can feel impossible to get more email subscribers on your website even after putting a lot of time and effort into your web development. The good news is that, on many contractor websites, the issue is that you don’t have your email sign-up forms in the right place.

Even if you have a lot of email sign-up forms on your website, they could be invisible to your visitors if you have them placed in the wrong spots.

7 high-converting spaces to add an email sign-up forms on your contractor website

  1. The feature box. Feature boxes are the pop-up boxes that appear on your website when a visitor first comes to your site. These boxes catch the attention of visitors immediately and convert well.
  2. The top of the sidebar. The top of the sidebar is where your visitors will automatically go to scroll down your page. By placing your email sign-up form here, your visitors will easily see it.
  3. At the footer of your page. The footer of your website is where most visitors expect to find information about you and your business. It makes sense to include an email sign-up form here where visitors can easily find it if they’re looking for one.
  4. On the About page. Visitors who are on your About page are looking to learn more about you as a contractor. This means they’ll be more than likely to get into contact with you and would want to sign up for your mailing list.
  5. After a post. A visitor who reads all of the content on your page most likely loves the content and will be willing to come back for more. So why not include the email sign-up form right where they can access it at the bottom of the post?
  6. The lightbox pop-up. Similar to the feature box, the lightbox pop-up appears when you go onto a website. In some niches, these pop-ups can actually keep customers from joining your mailing list. Consider delaying the pop-up of the lightbox for a few seconds so your visitor has a chance to see your website before requesting their email.
  7. The menu bar at the top of your website. Your website visitors will always come back to the menu bar if they’re roaming around your website. This puts the email sign-up form right in their line of sight, which can definitely help with contractor lead generation.

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