Web leads: the most important tool in your kit

Digital Marketing Services for Home Improvement & Remodeling Contractors.

We get it. You need leads.

Are you sick of dealing with multiple "digital" vendors that don't talk to each other?  Do you have to call one company to update your website, another for AdWords, and a completely different company if you want to send an email?  We can help. We offer comprehensive digital marketing services to replacement contractors just like you.

How we do it

Some companies charge a fixed fee per lead. We don't.  Our goal is to LOWER your cost per lead. We also understand raw leads are pretty meaningless if they don't turn into appointment and sales.  As your partner, we monitor the data in your CRM (MarketSharp, etc) to make sure that the leads we generate are working for your call center and sales team.

We provide strategy and management of your social media accounts with a focus on connecting with homeowners and generating home improvement leads. We can help grow your fan base on social media and share relevant content about your home improvement company across all of your social channels.

We understand that your pay-per-click ads, TV ads, email, and SEO all point to the same place – your website. 



If that's not up-to-date with the right messages and your monthly home improvement specials, then you're wasting money and time. Even if we didn't design your site, we can help maintain it.

We can help build your contractor sales funnel and nurture leads that aren’t ready to buy yet with automated drip campaigns.



We've also had success converting "sit, no sells" into closed deals through targeted email campaigns. Contact us to find out how!

There are literally hundreds of online directories. Chances are you’ve got bad information on some of them. We can help you claim, update, and fix business listings across 300 directories and websites that control how your company performs in local search.

Our turnkey sweepstakes package is a proven revenue generator. We start by creating your very own custom landing page that connects with your CRM and call center. We'll then promote your sweepstakes to a custom, geo-targreted audience. We take care of all the details. You rack up the sales. 

About FatCat

We’re a full-service marketing firm located in Raleigh, NC, and the home improvement industry is near and dear to our hearts. Why? Because we realize that your need for a constant stream of new leads is more critical and more intense than most other businesses.

Most homeowners will only do one or two big renovation projects in their lifetime. They’ll remodel a bath or a kitchen once. They’ll replace all their windows or their vinyl siding once. They’ll add on a garage, build a sunroom, or install solar panels – you guessed it – once.

That means even if they had the most amazing experience with your company, they’ll probably never buy from you again. Because they don’t need to.


We know you need a constant stream of new leads every month to survive. We can help.

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