Are all your home improvement sales people men? You may be hurting sales.

Picture of Janet Mobley

Janet Mobley

According to the Home Improvement Research Institute, women initiate 80% of all home improvement purchases. So, why do so many home improvement companies send super competitive men to prospects’ homes to do the selling? Based what we’re reading, if that’s what your company is doing, you may be missing an opportunity to improve your closing ratios. How? Just hire more women on your sales team.

Why should you consider adding women to your sales team?

  • They are able to easily connect with female prospects, who are more likely to take the initiative on starting a new home improvement project
  • They are less “threatening,” especially during in-home sales presentations
  • Prospects tend to trust women more than men
  • Women excel in long sales cycles – like large remodeling projects – whereas men tend to excel in short sales cycles, such as roofing, siding and windows

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