Are your home improvement sales people doing it all wrong?

That’s the question posed in a recent blog post on improveit360. If your sales staff is still selling features and benefits instead of trying to understand the homeowners’ underlying problem, then you may want to surf over to this blog post.

When you focus on selling real solutions and building trust with customers, you will be able to break through all the barriers and defense mechanisms that your prospects put up.

In fact, your prospects may be reading articles like the ones below. That’s an even bigger reason to avoid old-school tactics and start solving problems instead of selling features.

Your prospects may be wary of your salespeople because they’re reading articles like these:

Your prospects have probably read articles like these and dozens more.

You know that your company doesn’t operate like these horror stories. But, if you go in with a high-pressure script that focuses solely on features, benefits and a “buy today” offer, it can be hard for your prospects to tell the difference.

Janet is FatCat's Founder & Managing Partner. She covers business ownership, including tips on how you can get your business off the ground and keep it running strong.

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