Exterior Remodeler increases leads by 47% and lowers cost per lead using new PPC strategies

Janet Mobley

Janet Mobley


Adjusting Google Ads According to Seasonal Keyword Searches Results in 47% More Leads for Exterior Home Remodeler.

Discover the strategies FatCat implemented to help this business grow.

One of our exterior home remodeler clients in the Chicago area had been advertising with Google Ads for over a year. The company primarily focused on James Hardie siding leads, since those had the most potential for high-value purchases. 

However, in 2022, increased competition in the area drove their average cost per lead up to over $200. As a result, the company was struggling to produce enough lead volume to make the expense worth it. 

They turned to FatCat for help to both increase lead volume and decrease the average cost per lead using new PPC strategies.

Our team knows that Google Ads allows users to predict search impression volume for specific keywords, based on how people have searched in the past. We used this feature to perform keyword research on all of our client’s services, not just James Hardie siding. 

In doing so, we discovered that there’s a higher volume of projected searches in the fall for window and door replacements. We switched the client’s ads to focus on windows and doors during the fall months as a way to keep PPC ads as a successful part of their marketing mix.

In the first month of running the window and door ads, the client’s lead volume increased by 47%. During that same time, their average cost per lead on Google Ads went down to $124

Since window and door replacement projects have a lower price than siding replacement, the client has also been able to set more appointments and sell at a higher rate than usual. 

Our efforts in pivoting their Google Ads strategy helped lead to an uptick in business and a lower cost per lead, by targeting the right prospects at the right time of year. 

“FatCat Strategies has played a monumental role in our business’s growth over the last two years. From SEO to PPC, our leads have improved and we couldn’t be happier!” – Chicago-based company owner

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