Exterior Remodeler increases social web traffic by 963% using new strategy

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Implementing an intentional Social Media Strategy leads to a 963% increase in social web traffic for Exterior Home Remodeler.

Discover the strategies FatCat implemented to help this business grow.

One of our exterior home remodeling clients based in Michigan felt they had an adequate social media presence, but didn’t get a lot of attention or interaction on posts. 

The company wanted to do a better job of engaging with its local community and knew that growing social media engagement would be a great way to do it. 

However, employees at the company didn’t know which social strategies to implement and they didn’t have time to teach themselves. 

Instead, the company turned to FatCat for help with increasing its Facebook audience, post reach across Facebook and Instagram, post engagement, and social web traffic.

Our team knows that the key to success on social media largely comes down to consistently posting about a variety of different content. Over a three-month timeframe, we worked with the client to optimize their  social media efforts, focusing on creating the following types of content:

  • Links to blog posts
  • Video and interactive content
  • Real before and after photos of job sites
  • Human interest posts about the company employees

Additionally, we wrote every post to include a link back to the website and a call to action to drive engagement. We also got the company’s employees involved, having them interact with and share every post to increase reach and engagement.

In the first 90 days after implementing this new social media strategy, the client saw a 963% increase in social traffic to its website. Of those new sessions, 93.6% of them were a result of new traffic coming directly from Facebook.

During that same time period, the company also noticed a

  • 100% growth in its Facebook audience
  • 60% increase in Facebook audience engagement
  • 3317% increase in Facebook reach
  • 407% increase in Instagram reach

“We absolutely love FatCat! They’ve gotten our marketing costs down to 7% and supercharged our social media strategies so we’re able to engage with our community in new ways.” – Phill Grosse, Atlas Home Improvement

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