Helping a Bathroom Remodeling Company Successfully Expand Into a New Market

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FatCat works with Express Bath to build brand awareness in a new target market.

Discover the strategies FatCat implemented to help the company expand into a new area while maintaining success in its current market.

Northern Alabama bathroom remodeling company, Express Bath, had been serving local homeowners for years but was looking to expand into a new geographic market: the Birmingham area. 

However, the company was concerned that by focusing on marketing in Birmingham, it’d lose business in its current market. 

As a longtime FatCat customer, the company asked our team for help creating marketing solutions in Birmingham while still maintaining success in its current market.

The FatCat team knew that taking a multi-prong approach was the best way to expand into the new market without undoing the work that had been done to make a name for Express Bath in the current market. 

To do this, we focused on Google Ads, direct mail in conjunction with Facebook Ads, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Google Ads

FatCat had helped Express Bath have success on Google Ads in the past, but we knew that changing the audience to focus on a new market could have a negative impact on the current ads. 

We created separate ad campaigns for each geographic area to ensure that the existing ads would remain successful while building up a new campaign that targeted Birmingham-area homeowners. 

Direct Mail and Facebook Ads

FatCat also knew it was important to generate brand awareness in Birmingham beyond just Google Ads. To do this, we sent beautifully designed postcard mailers to targeted addresses based on household income.

We then ran Facebook Ads in those same areas, increasing the likelihood that the homeowners would see online ads in addition to the postcard in their mailboxes. 

Facebook Ads are great for raising brand awareness, even when people aren’t looking for you yet, and they are typically more affordable than Google Ads. 


Finally, we created optimized content for both the Express Bath website as well as the company’s Google Business Profile, highlighting the names of the towns in the new geographic area. 

We made sure that the service pages and Google Business Profile had updated language to help customers in the new Birmingham market know that their area was included, but also emphasized that Express Bath was an established business with a trustworthy reputation. 

Within the first 30 days of implementing these strategies, the campaign generated the following in the new target market:

  • 17 leads
  • Over $30k in sales


Beyond that, the established market continued to grow and has had record sales months in the time since we began targeting the Birmingham area. 

Here’s what the Express Bath team had to say about working with FatCat:

“We have really appreciated the incredible partnership we’ve had with the marketing team at FatCat for the last few years. Our business has experienced significant growth, and FatCat has played a big part in helping us get there.”

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