How Can I Train My Employees To Be Brand Ambassadors For My Remodeling Company?

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All of your employees interact with your customers in some shape or form (be it directly or indirectly), which makes them great candidates to be brand ambassadors for your home improvement/remodeling company.

As brand ambassadors, your employees can reach out to customers on a personal level and help to improve your company’s branding. But how can you make sure your employees are enhancing and supporting your brand with their customer interactions?

Here’s how you can train your employees to be brand ambassadors for your own home improvement/remodeling company.

Create an employee ambassador program

Your employees need to be more than engaged with your company and your company culture to make for great brand ambassadors. You’ll need to train them using the following three aspects to properly harness your employees’ passion for your home improvement/remodeling company.

  1. Employee empowerment. Employees have been known to stick around at a workplace for a longer period of time when they feel they can be their best authentic selves. One of the first steps you’ll want to take in creating an employee ambassador program is to help your employees pinpoint their own personal brand. Ask them questions what lets them do their best work and what makes them proud to work for your company. This helps to empower your employees and helps them pinpoint what they really love about your company.
  2. Clear and understandable brand content. Once your employees feel empowered to represent your company, you need to make your branding clear and understandable. By making your brand’s content available to your employees, you’re more likely to have employees that feel connected to your company culture.
  3. Tools for success. One of the best ways to make your employees great brand ambassadors for your remodeling company is to give them the tools they need for success. That is, the easier it is for your employees to promote your company and your brand, the more often they’ll do it. This includes using hashtags, hosting events, and branded clothing or accessories.

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