How Geotargeted Ads Increased Leads While Lowering the Cost Per Lead for a James Hardie Siding Contractor

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How Geotargeted Ads Increased Leads While Lowering the Cost Per Lead for a James Hardie Siding Contractor

Discover the strategies FatCat implemented to help this business grow.

One of our exterior home remodeling clients based in Chicago had been targeting James Hardie siding leads through Google Ads, since those leads have the most potential for high-value purchases. 

However, while they were generating some leads, the cost per lead was not sustainable, averaging upwards of $200. The company wanted to promote the new James Hardie Dream Collection, but couldn’t afford to spend that much for each lead. 

They turned to FatCat, asking for help to run an ad campaign targeting James Hardie leads while lowering the cost per lead in the process.

Our team believes that a varied approach to paid ads usually yields the best results. Knowing that the company was paying too much for leads through Google Ads, we decided to implement a Facebook Ads strategy. 

We used geotargeting to show ads within a 1-mile radius around homes where our client had recently completed James Hardie siding jobs. 

Building the promotional campaign around the new James Hardie Dream Collection products, we used visuals to show before and after transformation photos of local projects and creative ad copy to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity. 

After running the Facebook Ads for 3 months, we saw a decrease of more than $180 in average cost per lead. In all, the geotargeted ad campaign resulted in:

  • 52 leads 
  • $13.46 average cost per lead
  • 7,504 reach
  • 39,099 impressions

Our efforts helped this client generate qualified James Hardie leads for a price per lead that worked with their budget. 

“FatCat Strategies has played a monumental role in our business’s growth over the last two years. From SEO to PPC, our leads have improved and we couldn’t be happier!”
– Chicago-based exterior remodeling company owner

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