Home Improvement Lead Generation

How we helped Herl's Bath & Tile Solutions become one of the Top 10 dealers in their network in less than six months.


  • Gross revenue increased by 63.5%
  • Web leads increased by 351%
  • Average project sale increased by 44%


“For the first time in the history of the company, we have hit the top 10 for BathWraps dealers, we have one solid digital marketing partner, and our overall marketing ROI is at an all-time high. I feel so blessed.

Greg Herling
Founder and President,
Herl's Bath & Tile

Our work includes email marketing, Google AdWords management for search and display campaigns, paid Facebook campaign management, organic social media management, and website maintenance.

Gross Revenue Up 63.5%

Q3-4 2016 vs Q3-4 2017

351.98% Increase in Web Leads

Q3-4 2016 vs Q3-4 2017

Average Project Sale Up 44%

Avg. Increase of $3.6k per sale


In mid-2017, Greg Herling, the owner of Herl’s Bath and Tile Solutions, a Maryland-based bathroom remodeller, was frustrated. He was working with multiple marketing vendors, but he wasn’t getting the results he wanted. He called FatCat Strategies with the hope that he could consolidate his digital marketing with one vendor, increase his web leads, and improve his ROI.


During our initial consultation with the owner of Herl’s Bath & Tile, he told us that his internal staff did a great job managing traditional marketing efforts like home shows, festivals, direct mail, local TV ads, and community outreach. Digital marketing, however, was another matter.

Even though Herl’s was working with several agencies that claimed to specialize in online lead generation for the home improvement industry, the results were disappointing, expensive, and disorganized. One vendor managed the website and SEO efforts, two separate vendors managed different pay-per-click campaigns and landing pages. Email marketing had been long neglected. And the company’s social media efforts lacked a strategy.

Mr. Herling said he wanted FatCat to help his business:

  • Significantly increase the volume and quality of monthly web leads
  • Improve geo-targeting on pay-per-click campaigns so the company could promote specific products and services to select areas
  • Simplify management and oversight efforts by consolidating all digital marketing with one vendor

In addition, Mr. Herling really wanted to crack the Top 10 list of BathWraps dealers nationwide. As an independently-owned remodeling company, Herl’s represents and installs products from several manufacturers, but BathWraps is its primary supplier.

Every month, BathWraps tracks and ranks dealers across the country and breaking the Top 10 list is more than just a number. To make the list, dealers have to have everything working together -- marketing, sales, installation and customer service. Many times, Herl’s made the Top 20, but never the Top 10.


We developed a plan of action that involved leveraging the company’s non-digital marketing efforts to work with new digital efforts, incorporating a combination of:

  • Email marketing, including lead nurturing campaigns
  • SEO & website management
  • Social media marketing
  • Pay-per-click campaigns, on multiple platforms


In less than six months of working together, we helped Herl’s Bath and Tile Solutions increase their monthly web leads to the highest amount they’d ever received, increase their overall marketing ROI, and make the top 10 list for their dealer network. 

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