Simple and effective email strategies for remodelers

Turn cold leads into customers and past customers into referral sources

Nurture prospects with email

Use drip campaigns to keep in touch

Email is not dead. Not even close. And a well-crafted email campaign can help you drive more appointments and generate more sales out of your existing database.

Studies show that 90% of Americans use email and check it up to 20 times per day. That means an effective email strategy — that includes marketing automation — can be one of your best investments. 

Generate referrals

Increase your bottom line with a healthy referral program

Well timed emails connected to referral program landing pages are an incredibly cost-effective way to boost referral business. 

Rehash with email

convert "demo no sales" into another opportunity

Maybe your sales rep had a bad day, the pitch was off, or the price was wrong. No matter the reason, we have a proven track record of helping home improvement contractors rehash unsold leads with well-timed emails and online surveys. 

Generate reviews

boost your online presence with positive reviews

Everyone likes to be appreciated. Show your customers some love with a well-timed “Thank You” email right after their job has been installed. In our experience, these campaigns have some of the highest open rates and help build your list of positive online reviews.