The Buyer’s Guide: How To Make One And Why It’s Important

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Online shopping has not only become the preferred method of shopping for many consumers but also the preferred method for hiring a service professional. Up to 95% of homeowners will search online prior to hiring a service professional.

Unfortunately, your consumers may be too overwhelmed by the choices available to them on your website. This is where the buyer’s guide comes in.

What’s a buyer’s guide and why do I need one?

A buyer’s guide is a publication (print or digital) that some companies create to give prospective buyers the ability to see what products and services the company offers.

Buyer’s guides provide inspiration and help your consumers make informed decisions about what buying the services and products featured such as pool or hot tub installations.

Consumers enjoy reading buyer’s guides; they provide an inside look into your business and they make the consumer feel informed. What’s more, a buyer’s guide answers many of the questions your buyers might have so you don’t have to.

How do you create a buyer’s guide?

Now that you know what a buyer’s guide is and how it can help your business, what does it take to create a good buyer’s guide?

Here are a few tips you can use to create a top-notch buyer’s guide of your own:

  1. Keep your links updated. If you have a digital buyer’s guide, make sure that the links you provide are updated. Nothing will make a consumer reconsider your business faster than a link that doesn’t work.
  2. Use quality imagery. Consumers expect your buyer’s guide to be high-quality, so make sure you’re using high-quality images alongside your content.
  3. Use your buyer’s guide to inspire and inform. Your buyer’s guide isn’t just a list of the products and services you sell. It’s also a big marketing piece. Inspire and inform your consumers about your services and products and they’ll be inspired to hire you.

Need to improve your home remodeling leads?

As a remodeling and replacement contractor, generating home remodeling leads is crucial to your business’ success. More than 95% of homeowners search online before hiring a service professional, which is why digital marketing for your business is so important.

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