Geo-targeted Campaign Produced Leads with 91% Appointment Set Rate for Siding Contractor

Learn how we combined Facebook ads, Google ads, email marketing and direct mail postcards to generate siding leads in specific neighborhoods for a James Hardie contractor in South Carolina.


Our exterior remodeling client wanted to generate exclusive leads (and appointments) at a competitive cost, in specific, affluent neighborhoods in South Carolina.


  • Targeted a specific list of neighborhoods with Facebook and Google ads to generate new leads
  • Used email marketing to nurture the leads that didn’t convert into appointments 
  • Used direct mail postcards to nurture the leads that didn’t open our follow up emails


How we generated siding leads in specific neighborhoods

Our client is an exterior home remodeling contractor with a large service area spread across four cities and two states. 

When you have such a large service area, it’s really easy to spend a lot of money on Google Ads and get disappointing results. So we decided to try a much more targeted approach. 

We launched a three-pronged campaign to capture and nurture leads in very specific, affluent neighborhoods. We used Facebook ads, Google ads, email marketing and direct mail postcards. Each step of the campaign fed into the next. 

Step 1: Capture new siding leads with Facebook and Google

The first step was to geo-target specific neighborhoods with display ads aimed at building awareness around our client’s brand and services. We set our ads to target specific addresses, and a radius around them, as well as a select list of zip codes. 

The ads were served across Google and Facebook’s display ad networks with messaging like “We’re in your neighborhood! Find out why your neighbors chose us for their remodeling project.”

Step 2: Automated email messages to all new siding leads

Every lead that clicked an ad and filled out a web form received an immediate email that hammered home the message, “We’re in your neighborhood!”  Any leads that didn’t open our first email, or set an appointment through the call center, were sent a second email a few days later. 

Step 3: Outbound calls from our client’s call center

Every new lead from this campaign was automatically entered into our client’s MarketSharp system through FatCat Strategies custom lead capture. The leads were assigned a lead source and put into a call center queue. 

Step 4: Follow up again with postcards

For the last part of this campaign, we sent direct mail postcards. Our postcard mailing list looked like this:

  • Exclude sold leads
  • Exclude unqualified leads (marked by the call center staff)
  • Include leads that didn’t set an appointment, or didn’t answer call center calls
  • Include leads that didn’t open our follow up emails

The postcards reiterated our campaign message, “We’re in your neighborhood!” and included an exclusive special offer.   

The Lesson

Multi-part, highly targeted campaigns can be extremely effective to help you break into a new neighborhood, or generate more sales in neighborhoods where you’re already installing jobs. 

Maybe you can add this tactic to your lead generation mix? 

Have questions about online lead generation for your home improvement business?  We’d love to chat. Use the link below to get in touch!

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