30 Day Paid Social Media Campaign Produced Bathroom Remodel Leads That Generated Over $43,000

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Janet Mobley


  • Two leads from Instagram sold for $8,119 and $14,882, respectively
  • One Facebook lead sold for over $20,000
  • Total ad spend on paid social campaign was $2,500
  • 30 leads generated
  • $83.33 Cost Per Lead

The Challenge

Our Bathroom Remodeling client wanted to generate exclusive leads (and appointments) through social media. However, they had been unsuccessful in the past and believed “social media leads don’t sell.”

What We Did

  • Created a special “Fall Savings” conversion ad driving that drove traffic to a specific landing page on our client’s website
  • Targeted 4 counties with a total reach of 1.5 million people
  • Chose targeted ad placements including: Instagram Feed, Instagram Stories, Facebook News Feed, Facebook Stories, Facebook Video Feeds, Facebook Right Column, and Facebook Search Results

The Background

Our client is a bathroom remodeling contractor who specializes in one-day shower, bathtub, and walk-in tub installations. Our client’s average ticket price on a one-day bath project is $8,500.  

While they have used social media in the past, the results they saw were not encouraging. In fact, they were so poor our client claimed “social media leads don’t sell.” Since their target customer tends to be at least 50 years old, the client was hesitant to invest additional money into social media advertising.

However, we believed a social media campaign complete with a great promo offer, proper messaging, and detailed targeting would not only generate leads but generate qualified leads who sold.

Instagram and Facebook Ad Campaign Tactics

The primary goal of the ad campaign was to generate leads for a limited-time special offer. To accomplish that, we launched a conversion ad campaign that drove traffic to a unique special offer landing page. The campaign ran from September 1st to September 30th. 

To ensure we brought in the right traffic, we targeted four local counties with a maximum potential reach of 1.5 million people. In addition, we only ran the campaign Monday through Friday 7 am to 11 pm EST and Saturday and Sunday 9 am to 11 pm EST. This prevented the budget from being spent during hours where someone is less likely to become a lead. 

In order to widen the range, we decided to show the ad on a number of Facebook and Instagram placements. This included the Instagram Feed, Instagram Stories, Facebook News Feed, Facebook Stories, Facebook Video Feeds, Facebook Right Column, and Facebook Search Results.

The Result: Instagram generated $23,000 and Facebook generated $20,000 in bathroom remodeling projects

The campaign had a total budget of $2,500 and generated 30 leads over the course of 30 days. That comes out to a cost per lead of $83.33. Of those 30 leads, three of them (at the time of this post) became leads, selling for $8,119 and $14,882, respectively, for a total of $23,002.

The Lesson

When combined with the proper messaging and necessary targeting, social media advertising not only generate leads, but qualified leads that sell. 

Maybe you should consider adding social media advertising to your lead generation mix? 

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