9 Tips to Help Your Home Improvement Website Generate More Leads

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With advancing technology and the ever-changing capabilities of the internet, there are endless approaches to generating leads. The most effective tactic varies from homeowner to homeowner, but we’ve rounded up nine strategies to maximize your chances of generating leads through your website.

Easy Wins for Home Improvement Websites

Some website tips are easier than others. The following low-hanging fruit opportunities are an “easy win” for your sales and marketing team.

Install contact forms on every page of your website

Don’t make a visitor leave a page with great photos and content to seek out a boring “Contact” page. It’s easier for homeowners to give you their info when there’s always a contact form in sight. Some websites even have “sticky” contact forms that stay visible in either the header or footer of the website no matter where a visitor scrolls (so the form “sticks” to the edge of the browser, get it?).

Consider using language that creates a sense of urgency for the visitor, like a promotional offer with an expiration date. You can experiment with different calls to action, just be sure that the contact form is concise rather than wordy or bulky.

Put a click-to-call phone number on every page

Again, this is all about making things convenient for the homeowner. Most of your visitors are on a mobile phone, so make it easy for them to call you! And we recommend that it should be on every page because, as with the sticky contact form, you want to give the viewer every opportunity to see your phone number and contact you.

Include a map of the locations your remodeling business serves

Most websites already provide a list of their store locations or areas that they serve, but try including a visual as well. Get creative! If you want to take it a step further, consider making your map interactive by integrating Google Maps.

Take it to the Next Level

Once you’ve addressed all of the easy wins, it’s time to move on to the second level.

Collect testimonials and feature them on your website

Reviews go a long way in giving your home improvement business credibility. Visitors are much more likely to trust your product or service quality if they see glowing reviews from your previous customers.

Instead of a web visitor opening another tab and searching reviews for your company, beat them to it! Include a section on the homepage dedicated to customer reviews, sprinkle them in throughout the site or even create a separate landing page for them.

Put your product or service offerings on display

It’s true what they say – a picture is worth a thousand words. Instead of telling the viewer who you are and what you do, show them! Feature images of projects you’ve completed, products in action, employees on the job or simply borrow photos provided by the manufacturer. A web visitor is much more likely to scroll through pictures that tell a story rather than read a lengthy paragraph about your company’s mission.

Brag a little!

An easy way to show off your hard work is to put your accomplishments on display. Is your company featured in a blog or magazine? Try adding an “As Featured In” section to your site. Are you a part of a larger organization? Do you have partners? Utilize a “Proud Partners Of” section on your website to lend credibility to your business.

Add accessiBe

Not only does this tool help with ADA compliance and website accessibility, but it also makes it easier for your view your content for people with disabilities.

You’re a Rockstar

By implementing the following tactics on your contractor website, you’ll be a lead generation rockstar!

Stop your visitors from leaving your site

Exit intent popups track your visitors’ cursor movements and trigger a popup when their mouse exits the upper page boundary (presumably to exit the page). So, to retain those visitors that are about to leave, you can include a popup that advertises a time-sensitive promotion. Or maybe you call them out with something like, “Didn’t find what you were looking for? Tell us why.” This is your last chance to capture your visitor’s attention, so make sure your popup is purposeful!

Make sure your website is mobile responsive

These days, if your site isn’t mobile friendly, it’s out of date. Gone are the days of accessing a website solely from a desktop computer. Now more than ever, people are surfing the web via iPads, iPhones, smart watches and other digital devices that come in all shapes and sizes. The last thing you want is for a visitor to come across your site on their mobile phone and not be able to read the content or see the full landing page.

Consider remarketing

Remarketing allows you to position targeted ads in front of a visitor that has already been to your website. Even if the visitor didn’t interact on your site, their information will still be stored for your remarketing audience. To record these audiences, you need to install a Google tag and Facebook pixel to your site. Even if you don’t plan on running paid ads now, you should still install the code to build your audience for later on.

Need a little help implementing these?

The more of these tactics you implement, the higher your chances of generating leads. Even so, your website won’t become a lead-generating machine overnight! If you’re confused about where to start, schedule a free consultation with us! Our marketing specialists can optimize your website for lead generation, search engines and more.

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